Courtney Laffey is no stranger to working with product development teams in the trenches. Before she became a UX/UI designer, she held roles in web content production, product management, and project management, and has worked on digital products at major corporations, agencies, and startups alike. 

Her career in digital started at Viacom, where she managed the web and mobile content for MTV, VH1, and Logo’s websites respectively, including the award-winning “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Now, as a UX/UI designer, she continues her mission to craft meaningful, usable, and useful experiences for all types of users. 

Her product design experience spans a wide range of web and mobile platforms. She's worked on The Wall Street Journal app to help readers digest their news in an easy, intuitive way; a personal finance app at LearnVest, which teaches users how to budget and adjust their spending habits; and the settings for an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device, which helps speech therapists become more efficient in teaching language to their patients. After freelancing for nearly three years, working with startup and enterprise clients, she's now at Google in NYC designing the next generation of developer tools.

Outside of work, she enjoys teaching and mentoring other career changers switching to UX. She also loves running, playing flag football, grinding in RPGs, rooting for the New Jersey Devils (sigh), sketching and doodling, seeing live bands, traveling with her husbo, and constantly petting her manic-but-adorable Boston Terrier/Frenchie mix. Oh, and don't confuse her with her identical twin sister!

Born in New York City and raised in Tampa, Courtney now lives in Queens.

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